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    3. Providing Value Creating Assets and Services

      YBhg Datuk Zainol Izzet Bin Mohamed Ishak


      YBhg Datuk Izzet is our Managing Director. YBhg Datuk Izzet began his career in 1982 as a Consultant with Hymans Robertson & Co before moving on to Messrs Kassim Chan & Co in 1985 and subsequently to Seccolor (M) Industries in 1988. YBhg Datuk Izzet joined the Sapura Group in 1992 and spent 18 years there in various senior leadership roles. His last held position before retiring from the Sapura Group in 2010 was as the Chief Executive Officer of SapuraCrest Petroleum Berhad. YBhg Datuk Izzet is a graduate of Macquarie University holding a BA in Actuarial Studies. He also holds a MBA from the Cranfield Institute of Technology, United Kingdom.

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